Ligare has a versatile and experienced Pre-Press Department able to assist with the smooth production of publications from electronic file.

Our digital pre-press equipment ensures Ligare?s ability to meet your requirements encompassing a wide range of applications.

Ligare's pre-press facility has:

  • Mac and PC workstations
  • Epson colour proofing
  • High volume Konica Minolta and Oce double-sided proofer (black & white, and colour)
  • Konica Minolta high volume document scanner
  • Microtech flatbed colour scanner

File formats

Our preferred format for delivery of your work is Acrobat PDF. The following file types are also supported:

  • Indesign – Mac & PC
  • Illustrator – Mac & PC
  • Photoshop – Mac & PC
  • Pagemaker – Mac & PC
  • QuarkXpress – Mac & PC

Please note that files created in Photoshop may create a pixelated image in small images and text.

Pre Press Production in Auckland NZ

File transfer

Ligare accepts files by disk, ftp website, email and USB stick.

FTP website:

Your account manager will give you an ftp website address, username and password. Once you have logged onto the site simply transfer your files. An email is then automatically sent to your account manager that the file has arrived on the site and will notify pre-press.


It is important that pre-press receive a file that is correctly formatted which assists in ensuring both a faster processing of jobs and reducing the potential for error. Incorrectly formatted files may result in additional charges or the return of your file for adjustment which could delay the production of your book. For any questions please contact your account manager. You can expect a flight check of your files within 48 hours of delivery. If there are any problems with the files you will be contacted and the problems will be explained.

Creating PDF files for trouble-free print

These instructions are designed to help you deliver correctly formatted PDF files.

  1. Install the Ligare joboptions file located in the zip files below. This file contains all the parameters needed to produce high quality PDF files.
  2. To install in both PC & Mac:
    1. Launch Adobe Distiller
    2. Go to settings menu
    3. Go to ?Add Adobe PDF Settings?
    4. Locate the downloaded file "Creating PDF Files for Trouble-free Print"
    5. Click Open
    6. Now the Ligare HiRes setting is ready to use
    7. Note that loading these settings into Adobe CS2 or higher will make them available in InDesign and Illustrator as well.
  3. PDF Checklist
    1. Are all the fonts embedded?
    2. Are all crop marks at least 3mm away from trim edge?
    3. Is there between 3mm and 5mm bleed?
    4. Are all 4-colour elements CMYK?
    5. Are all black elements GREYSCALE?
    6. Are spot colours set up correctly?
    7. Note that RGB should not be used.
    8. Ensure that page set-up is set at single pages not imposed or running pairs.


Once we have received your file or CRA we will create a digital proof of your job. Your account manager will deliver or send your proofs to you. Please check your proofs carefully and then if correct sign the proof form, or if adjustments need to be made add these to the proof form. Then return the proofs to your account manager. You can then expect your proofs within 3-4 working days from the time your deliver your files to Ligare.

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