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Ligare Digital Print Capability

Ligare has Digital Book Print Facilities in New Zealand and Australia, the digital division of Ligare, is one of the most advanced in Australiasia. Ligare Digital's services are ideal for book, journal, magazine, newsletter, report and booklet runs of under 500.

Flexibility with offset-like quality

Digital publication printing means that you can economically:

  • keep older titles in print,
  • re-publish out of print titles,
  • custom publish course materials,
  • publish niche titles with limited markets,
  • supply educational materials for specific subjects,
  • supply marketing materials ahead of publication,
  • deliver short runs of new publications to test the market,
  • publish short-run corporate reports or prospectuses,
  • publish family histories or autobiographies for your own use.

The possibilities open to you with digital printing are only limited by your imagination. We can keep your publication on file giving you unlimited order options throughout the life of the title.

Binding options

Your digital publications can also be bound with all the binding options offered at Ligare's bindery.

File format options

Our preferred file format is Acrobat PDF with embedded fonts. However we can also accept the following files:

  • Indesign – Mac & PC
  • Illustrator – Mac & PC
  • Photoshop – Mac & PC
  • Pagemaker – Mac & PC
  • QuarkXpress – Mac & PC


One of the great advantages of digital print is that you only print your exact needs. From 100 to 300 copies can be available to you within a few weeks. You save on warehouse and transportation costs of a larger than necessary run, as well as the inventory management costs; balancing unit cost against these other real costs makes short-run digital printing a realistic solution.

We can also run extra covers on the conventional 4 colour cover press to keep aside for you with the first run, and then as each subsequent run is needed the cost is lessened and the turn-around time is shortened even further.

Quality control

Ligare Digital can produce a full production proof of your publication for you to approve before printing which you can request at quotation.

Ligare's partner in digital printing is Océ whose digital sheet and web printers produce similar quality printing to conventional offset printing.

The latest addition to Ligare Digital is an Océ VarioPrint 6250 which has just won the "Product of the Year 2007" award given by the European Digital Press Association. A cut-sheet monochrome printing system it is the world's most productive duplex, cut sheet digital printer with breakthrough performance, offset-class quality, higher productivity, reliability and smooth integration.

Environmental responsibility

The Océ VarioPrint 6250 & Océ 6260 Varioprint minimises the environmental impact at every stage: from low emissions and energy savings, right through to optimised asset recovery at end-of-life.

Because the Océ VarioPrint 6250 prints simultaneously both sides of the paper about 45% of energy consumption is saved and it also requires less cooling demands than its main competitors. It delivers 25% less noise and is designed for a long productive working life. The use of mono-component toner and an organic photoconductor, with no developer and no silicon fuser oil, minimises the environmental impact normally found in digital printers. Océ VarioPrint 6250 uses no solvent in the toners.

Ligare Digital's other printers include:

There is minimum set up time to change paper and make ready, & files transfer and print straight from computer to press. The digital web is the most cost effective press, for small run & time sensitive mono work.

Océ 6250 & Océ 6260 sheet printers are a simultaneous duplex system which maintains 100% accurate registration and offset-like quality while producing up to 250 prints per minute.

These presses are used for producing a variety of bulletins, saddle stitched booklets and small runs of perfect bound or wiro bound books. They can produce high quality results on images and screens.

Konica Minolta buzhub Press C1070 for digital covers and colour sections.

Other services at Ligare Digital

No Electronic File?

Many older titles have no electronic file available. This is no problem as we can take your mint copy book, scan the text and cover, and then print the new copies as required.

Please note that scanning results may vary from the original, and also the mint copy book will be dismantled for this procedure. Ligare can rebind the original book for you if required.

Digital Book Printing Services In Auckland NZ
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